Facial Cleaners – Ingredients to Avoid

Facial cleaners are pretty common nowadays ranging from the liquid type to the cream type. Practically all of them claim to be the most effective product on the market, but how true are these promises? For those who are in the market for facial cleaners, following are some of the ingredients to watch out for.


It’s always nice to have a bit of fragrance to whatever skin product, but this isn’t always recommended. The fragrance is often a separate chemical that does nothing for the skin. In fact, there are cases when the fragrance could cause irritation in the skin, causing more problems than actually solving them.


Now most people consider this product to be safe, but there is actually heavy risk to the chemical. Typically, it is added in products to help the skin absorb the cleaner, allowing for a more thorough brushing of the skin. However, there are indications that dioxane could actually be a trigger or a possible cause for cancer. Hence, women should play it safe and simply stop using products with this label.


Any type of alcohol from ethanol to isopropyl should not be added into facial cleaners; regardless of how “mild” they claim to be. The fact is that alcohols can cause dryness to the skin. When moisture is deprived, the skin loses it’s flexibility, making it more vulnerable to scars.


Parabens can be found as ethyl paraben, methyl, propyl and butly. These products do nothing at all for the skin and are simply there to aid with the shelf life. Simply put, arabens ensure that the products last long without being used. However, these same chemicals could trigger allergic reactions to the user, making them dangerous. This is why as much as possible, individuals should avoid using products that contain this particular item.

Of course, those aren’t the only ingredients of facial cleaners that people should avoid when choosing a product. Other ingredients that may prove harmful include mineral oils which could block the pores. All in all, there are actually lots of things to consider when it comes to buying a face cleaner.

Also keep in mind those specific requirements of a person. For example, individuals struggling with skin problem are better off going to a dermatologist for their cleaner. This way, they can be sure that their current skin problem – especially acne – wouldn’t be aggravated with whatever cleaner they choose to use.

Our Recommendation: Xtend Life’s Foaming Facial Cleaner

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One Response to Facial Cleaners – Ingredients to Avoid

  1. skin4men says:

    i have quite sensitive skin and the armani skin minerals cleanser im using has a very slight fragrance! it’s just right for me! anything with a bit more perfume and my face is gone!

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