Why Men Need to Worry About Skin Care

To most guys skin care is a subject they just don’t worry about, years ago the concern was even less. Today, men are starting to realize that their skin needs attention also. Men have oilier skin than women which leads to more pore clogging and the development of acne type problems, blackheads and pimples.

As a man picture yourself not using a natural facial cleanser. Today, many men follow a skin care regiment and a skin care cleanser is the start for most men. However, most cleansers are loaded with harsh chemicals that enter your body causing more harm than good.

Natural cleansers like Xtend-Life’s Foaming Facial Cleanser is becoming more attractive to men who care about what they put on their skin. It’s a product they have confidence in and it deeply cleans your skin with a synergistic compound of all natural ingredients.

Let’s talk about shaving. To some men a wasted experience! Most men hate shaving due to the irritation of skin caused by it. However, to fit into today’s society and please their significant other men must shave.

Most men who shave regulary can dry out their skin quite easily. This is where a natural moisturizing cream like Xtend-Life’s Men’s Age Defense Active Facial Fluid should be used instead of after shave because it also a excellent moistuirzer for the skin…rather than using most alcohol-based aftershaves and similar moisturizers that may contain parabens and harsh ingredients.

Harsh chemicals are not what you want to be adding to your skin…especially when your skin is in a vulnerable state like after shaving.

Now, let’s nourish your skin starting from the inside out. Using Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil Premium is a excellent way to start building better skin health and looks from the body’s cells themselves that make up the skin.

This combination approach to skin care is what will give you healthy trouble free skin. In addition to maintaining mens health through the use of natural potent supplements like Total Balance Mens and correcting digestion problems with the help of Kiwi-Klenz (digestion can also play a key role in the vitality and look of the skin), so now you have the path to get the kind of skin that makes you look the way you feel…younger, healthier and much more full of life!

Have a great day,
Beverly Johnson

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One Response to Why Men Need to Worry About Skin Care

  1. skin4men says:

    These days, many more products are being produced for men! Clearly, this indicates that men are becoming more aware of their skin!! Great Post!

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