Sensitive Facial Skin Cleanser Buying Guide – How To Choose a Facial Cleanser That Best Suits Your Skin

If you’re looking for a sensitive facial skin cleanser buying guide, but you don’t want a guide that is overly complicated or takes you too long to read, then look no further. In this concise guide, we’re going to jump straight to the point and highlight the important key areas you need to consider. First we’re going to take a look at the main types of Facial skin cleansers available, then take a look at the number 1 brand out there, and then we’ll take a look at the main features it contains.

What Are the Main Types of Facial Skin Cleansers?

Now, I’m assuming you already know the kind of cleanser you want, so here we focus on more important things. In terms of the facial cleansers available, there are basically three main types of Cleansers: Foaming, Non Foaming, and Abrasive.


  • Foaming cleansers
  • Non-foaming cleansers
  • Abrasive scrubs

Foaming Cleansers

These facial soaps tend to have the most pleasing feel because they lather and leave behind a refreshing sensation after they’re rinsed off. Foaming facial cleansers can come in a variety of types, including:

  • Lotions

  • Creams

  • Gels

  • Self-foaming cleansers

  • Aerosols

  • Scrubs

Non-Foaming Cleansers

The non-foaming facial skin cleansers tend to be the mildest type of facial cleanser due to the very small amount of surfactant and you can wipe it off easy instead of rinsing off. Since these don’t come in contact with water, they can leave more of the cleanser’s helpful ingredients (moisturizers, anti-oxidants) on the skin. These non-foaming cleansers usually include:

  • Creams

  • Lotions (sometimes called milks)

  • Cold creams

Abrasive Scrubs

Abrasive scrubs contain ingredients that physically scrub the skin to help you remove dead skin cells. The advantage of using a scrub is that it tends to make your skin smoother. The downside is that the granules that do the actual scrubbing may cause some irritation, redness, and even small cuts on your face.

The scrubbing materials found in a scrub determine how mild or harsh it is. Here, are some of the common exfoliating granules that can be found in product ingredient lists:

  • Sodium tetraborate decahydrate granules (one of the mildest abrasives because the granules soften and dissolve after getting wet)

  • Polyethylene silica or beads (mild due to smooth round beads)

  • Jojoba esters (partially mild)

  • Cross-linked polymethacrylate (heavy density causes it to be harsh)

  • Calcium carbonate (harsh because the variety fo sizes used)

  • Ground seeds, such as apricot, almond and walnut seeds (harsh due to ruff edges)

  • Aluminum oxide (harsh also because of its rough edges)

Which Brand Is Best ?

Xtend-Lifes Foaming Facial Skin Cleanser is the Best Sensitive Facial Skin Cleanser.

What Are the Main Features in this Facial Skin Cleanser?

All Natural Manuka Honey – Packed full of vitamins, minerals and natural proteins that combine to nourish your skin. Manuka honey is a luxurious moisturizer that has powerful antibacterial agents which aid in reducing breakouts and acne.

  • It contains Oxi-Fend® Kiwifruit Extract – With extremely high antioxidant activity, Oxi-Fend® kiwifruit extract works to protect cells against free radicals which can make you look much older than you are. This key form of kiwifruit also delivers significant moisture-retention properties and the ability to restore a natural pH of 5.5 to your skin with every wash. In fact, no toner is required.

  • It Has No Harsh Chemicals – Every compound was hand-chosen for inclusion in this amazing natural face wash to refresh, moisturize, nourish and restore the natural balance of your skin. And, it’s completely paraben free. Unlike other facial cleansers, it won’t irritate conditions such as eczema.
  • Feels So Amazing – Washing your face will become a spa-like experience. The rich, foaming action lifts away dirt, toxins and makeup then rinses clean without any residue or greasy feel. Your skin is left soft and naturally radiant.
  • Has a Light, Fresh Scent – No need for heavy fragrances? This not-so-obvious, fresh scent is derived from the natural compounds that comprise this unique face wash.
  • Contains local New Zealand ingredients together with others that are imported from Europe.

The Choice is Yours

Don’t get the wrong idea. Although this superior serum was developed with no regard to cost, we’ve managed to bring the end product to you at amazing savings without sacrificing one ounce of quality. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable The Best Sensitive Facial Skin Cleanser is.

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