The Best Natural Facial Skin Cleanser For Sensitive Skin

All Natural Kiwifruit and Manuka Honey Revives, Defends & Restores Your Skin with Every Single Wash

Are you tired of using facial cleansing products that contain harsh chemicals that dry or irritate your skin? Mabie you have used some of those facial cleansers that claim to moisturize your skin only to be left with even greasier skin after washing your face. It’s time to throw out those ineffective facial cleansers and find one that nourishes, restores pH balance, defends against wrinkle-causing free radicals plus a lot more. Now you are wondering where can you find a cleanser like this all in one product? With X-tend Lifes Facial Skin Cleanser.

With nearly 2 years development behind it, Xtend Life’s Foaming Facial Skin Cleanser delivers the best of nature and science. Although many face wash products are designed to clean and remove your makeup, this all natural combination offers some vital differences I think you will come to love. Developed with unique key compounds in a highly effective concentrated pump system, this Foaming Facial Cleanser Contains:

  • All Natural Manuka Honey – Extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and natural proteins that combine to nourish your skin. Manuka honey is a luxurious moisturizer that has powerful antibacterial agents which aid in reducing breakouts and acne.
  • Also contains Oxi-Fend® Kiwifruit Extract – With extremely high antioxidant activity, Oxi-Fend® kiwifruit extract works to protect cells against free radicals which can make you look much older before your time. This top form of kiwifruit also delivers significant moisture-retention properties and the ability to restore a natural pH of 5.5 to your skin with every wash. In fact, no toner is required.

  • It Has No Harsh Chemicals – Every ingredient was hand-chosen for inclusion in this breakthrough natural face wash to refresh, moisturize, nourish and restore the natural balance of your skin. Plus, it’s completely paraben free. Unlike other facial cleansers, it won’t aggravate conditions such as eczema.
  • Feels Amazing – Washing your face becomes a spa-like experience. The rich, foaming action gently lifts away dirt, toxins and makeup then rinses clean without any residue or greasy feel. Your skin is left soft and radiant.
  • Has a Light, Fresh Scent – Who needs heavy fragrances? This not-so-obvious, fresh scent is derived from the natural ingredients that comprise this unique face wash.
  • Contains local New Zealand ingredients combined with others imported from Europe.

Xtend-Life’s Natural, Foaming Facial Cleanser is Perfect for Every Skin Type

We’ve all become conditioned to look for skincare products that reflect our particular skin type. You might be surprised to know that isn’t necessary with our Foaming Facial Skin Cleanser. Because of the unique pH balancing properties and natural ingredients, this remarkable treatment is perfectly suited for normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin.

We Spared No Expense Developing this Breakthrough, Affordable Face Wash

As you hear so often from Xtend-Life, we refuse to develop a product if we can’t do better than what already exists in the marketplace. The same holds true for our Foaming Facial Cleanser. That’s why we spared no expense with this advanced formulation. Quality and measurable results were our priorities because we knew that’s what you would expect.

After going through dozens of recipes (and almost giving up) we finally had the breakthrough we’d been waiting for. With a lavish feel and delicate scent, we knew we were ready to bring you this one-of-a-kind product that is – in our opinion – better than other significantly more expensive ones available today.

Don’t get the wrong idea. Although this superior serum was developed with no regard to cost, we’ve managed to bring the final product to you at substantial savings without sacrificing one ounce of quality. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable Facial Skin Cleanser is.

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